What are snus pots? An explanation

What are snus pots? An explanation

Snus pots, cans or jars are the English terms used to describe the Swedish 'snus dosa'. This is the packaging that holds snus, and it is usually round and made from a mix of plastic and cardboard. When you visit Sweden, you will often see a round outline in the pocket of Swedish citizens, betraying their nicotine habit. However, the snus can has a very rich history that extends beyond Sweden. 

The history of the snus can

Long before the modern snus can came into being, the European aristocracy used to carry around ornately carved and jewel-encrusted pots. These pots were considered something of a fashion accessory and were made to be flaunted. In fact, royal jewellers were often entrusted to create bespoke pots that were the envy of the rest of the court.

Later, when snus became more available to the masses, the snus cans became cheaper. Regular metal replaced the gold and jewels, and workers often owned a reusable jar that would be refilled by the snus merchant.

Now, instead of using their snus jars to flaunt their wealth, workers would instead often hide these metal cans in their palms – ready to knock out any opponent they might find themselves fighting at the local drinking hole.

The modern snus can

As mentioned above, most snus cans are made using plastic and cardboard – and often these are recycled materials. Most modern snus cans also have a small hatch in which to keep used snus, in order to avoid littering.

Nicotine pouches and snus cans

With the advent and growing popularity of nicotine pouches, snus cans have evolved and are now used for nicotine pouches as well. In fact, it is often difficult to distinguish between a snus and nicotine pouch can unless you are a user of that particular brand.

Although they are no longer as ornate as they once were, snus (and nicotine pouch) cans are still decorative, and each brand and jar has its own distinctive look and feel. Often, the can will speak to the flavour, strength and target group of that particular variant. Indeed, in order to stand out more among competitors, brands have even started to stray from the circular form that is synonymous with the snus can – as can be seen with brands such as SNÖ and ON!, which are packaged using brown bags and rectangular cans respectively.

Snus cans have come a long way, and new designs will always just be an innovative idea away.

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