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 Velo replaces Lyft

Velo replaces Lyft

The success story of nicotine pouches will continue in 2020. As a proof of this, BAT, British American Tobacco, will consolidate their products under the name Velo.

Nicotine bags have become extremely popular. They obviously contain nicotine, but the tobacco is replaced by plant fibres. They are easy to use: they can easily be placed under the upper lip and and are as comfortable as traditional snus. The fact that the bags are discreet and are not as runny as snus is appreciated by the users. The nicotine pouches also stay white before, during and after usage.


We here at Nicopedia are convinced that the nicotine pouch will reach new heights in 2020. As a sign of this development, the manufacturer BAT will consolidate their products under the new name Velo.


"Consumers want brands that they know and can buy anywhere in the world," Kingsley Wheaton, chief marketing officer at BAT, said in a press release. “This makes it easier for us to get our message across about the alternatives we offer to cigarettes. “ 


BAT is a manufacturer of internationally known brands such as Lyft Snus and Epok. Lyft is sold in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the UK, among others, where flavors such as Lyft Mint and Lyft Ice Cool Mint Strong have become very popular with consumers. Lyft is the market leader in Sweden. 


Here you can see what Velo in the US looks like.

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