What´s next for smoking Brits

What’s next for smoking Brits?

Every year, UK smokers are seeing more and more restrictions on where, and when, they can smoke.

Since the smoking ban in 2007, train stations have become smoke free, even though it wasn’t actually required by law, and even vapes have been getting a bad press, with campaigners pushing to restrict smoking areas.

In 2019, Wales will become the first country in the UK to ban smoking in outdoor school spaces, playgrounds and hospital grounds.


The clamp down on smoking is definitely on, and research shows that the majority of Brits are behind the restrictions, both smokers and non-smokers alike. People want to quit. 


In fact, since 2017, nearly two million Brits have quit smoking, taking the national average down to a more healthy 17%. That’s great progress (thanks to vapes). But with 9.4 million people in the UK that still smoke, there’s still some way to go.


So what’s the future for those of you who’ve tried repeatedly, but still can’t kick the habit? The answer may lie with a little further north. In Sweden, for example, where we have a smoking rate of just 5%. But how did we get there?


Unlike the rest of the world, we already had another way to get our nicotine hit. We’d been using the moist tobacco, snus, for decades, so it was a no-brainer to make the transition from cigarettes.


Nowadays of course, there’s an even better alternative on the market - the tobacco-free nicotine pouch. These new pouches have given people even more options when it comes to satisfying our nicotine cravings - a product that contains nicotine, without smoking or using tobacco. 


The Scandinavian lifestyle is considered one of the healthiest in the world and Sweden has not only the fewest smokers in Europe, but also the lowest levels of lung cancer. Whatever the reason for these statistics, changing to nicotine pouches could certainly be worth a shot.