Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way

Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way

We know we have a reputation for being a healthy bunch, but what is it exactly that keeps us looking so sporty and fresh faced? Let us share some tips on how to do diet and exercise, Scandinavian style.

Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way

Team exercise


Whether it’s innerbandy, ice hockey or football, we love to exercise together. Of course we have gyms too, but Scandis see sport as a social activity, and one of the quickest ways of meeting new people is joining a club.


Sports clubs geared around specific interests and activities are everywhere in Scandinavia, which is lucky for us, as sometimes we can be a bit shy! But throw us into a team sport and you’ll soon see us come out of our shell.


And it seems like we’re onto something – research shows that group training is not only more productive, but also helps people feel more connected and happier. Definitely a good thing when dealing with our long dark winters!



Fishy diet


With a diet focused on protein and omega 3-rich fatty fish and antioxidant-dense wild berries, the Nordic diet is one of the healthiest in the world.


Scandis love to eat herring, mackarel and salmon, but all types of fish and seafood are on the menu. The Swedes even eat caviar for breakfast, which sounds fancy, but is actually rather cheap and comes in a tube!


Rye and crisp bread or potatoes are usually served up with dinner, as are wild berries which are added to meals as they are, or as a jam.

Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way


The love of fish is so strong here, that there’s even something called the ‘Stockholm Vegetarian’ which refers to people who only eat fish and plants. Though, the rest of the world still calls these people  ‘Pescatarians’.


Whatever is going on it is clearly working as Scandinavians are reportedly the healthiest in Europe. Quick, pass us the herring!