Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way

Exercise - the Scandinavian way

We know we have a reputation for being a healthy bunch, but what is it exactly that keeps us looking so sporty and fresh faced? Let us share some tips on how to exercise, Scandinavian style.

Diet and exercise - the Scandinavian way

Team exercise


Whether it’s innerbandy, ice hockey or football, we love to exercise together. Of course we have gyms too, but Scandis see sport as a social activity, and one of the quickest ways of meeting new people is joining a club.


Sports clubs geared around specific interests and activities are everywhere in Scandinavia, which is lucky for us, as sometimes we can be a bit shy! But throw us into a team sport and you’ll soon see us come out of our shell.


And it seems like we’re onto something – research shows that group training is not only more productive, but also helps people feel more connected and happier. Definitely a good thing when dealing with our long dark winters!