3 ways Scandinavian’s unwind

3 ways Scandinavian’s unwind

Us Scandinavian’s place a lot of value on our leisure time and we’ve almost mastered work-life balance, but how exactly do we unwind? Here are three typically Scandinavian things we do to recharge our batteries.

1. Getting cozy

Did you know that we love to get cozy? We furnish their homes with soft fabrics and light atmospheric candles to get the mood just right. During our long winters, we’ll sit in front of an open fireplace with wool socks, drinking hot chocolate.


We’ve even created special words for the feeling. Danes have coined the term ‘Hygge’ which is roughly translated to ‘a feeling of coziness’ and the Swedes have ‘Fredagsmys’ – ‘Friday cozy’ which is the tradition of getting snuggled up on the sofa after a week at work and watching a movie or eating food.


It’s not uncommon to see us sitting outside a bar wrapped in a blanket nursing our beer too. The Scandinavians see nothing shameful in getting warm and comfy, no matter where we are!

3 ways Scandinavian’s unwind

2. Connecting with nature

3 ways Scandinavian’s unwind

It may come as no surprise that we Scandis love nature. It literally surrounds us. Whether it’s forest, fjords or lakes, we are swimming in natural spots.


We appreciate the healing properties of nature, and it’s not uncommon for parents to leave their babies in prams outside their homes or restaurants. Kids can even go to forest and nature schools where all their lessons are conducted outside.


When we have a day off, we like to spend it walking around the city, swimming in the lakes, or going hiking and running. And we do it in all weathers. After all, the Nordic countries are not known for their long summers – we have to make the most of what we have!

3. Sweating it out at the sauna

The sauna is perhaps one of the most famous Scandi pursuits, and can be found across all parts of Scandinavia. Each country has their own unique take on the tradition, but its health benefits are universally agreed upon.


In Finland, it’s traditional to beat yourself, or each other, with birch twigs to get rid of toxins. Norwegians like to use garlic cloves and ginger in theirs, and the Swedes roll around in the snow afterwards.


Whichever way you do it, the health benefits of a sauna are many– not only is it a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, but it can flush away toxins, strengthen your immune system and even contribute to weight loss. That’s why in Scandinavia, saunas are not an occasional luxury but a way of life!

3 ways Scandinavian’s unwind