YOYO New York Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches

YOYO New York Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches
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YOYO New York - Strong Nicotine Pouches with a classic mint flavour

The Pouches are 100% white and doesn't stain your teeth. 

Each can contain 20 discreet portions with a nicotine strength of 7,5 mg per pouch.

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YOYO New York is strong nicotine pouches with a classic well rounded mint flavour. 

Each portion of the New York contain 7,5 mg of nicotine making it classified as a lightweight in the strong segment. Strong pouches are mainly recommended for expereinced users. 

YOYO New York is currently the strongest pouches from YOYO. Are you looking for something less intense, check out the other products from them - YOYO London & YOYO Havana

Each can contain 20 slim and discreet portions that are easy to use - just put it under your upper lip.



Short facts
Brand YOYO
Content per can (gram) 12
Pouches per can 20
Product type All White Portion
Weight per pouch (gram) 0,5
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 7,5
Strength Strong
Format Slim
Flavour Mint
Producer Nordic Noir