Everything about Nicotine Pouches and the difference between the Tobacco Pouch snus

What are nicotine pouches?

A nicotine pouch is a tobacco-free nicotine substitute which you simply put under your lip instead of going out for a smoke for instance. They’re white, discreet and doesn’t stain your teeth!  


The pouch contains natural fibers, chew base filler, nicotine and fresh flavours to taste good while still delivering a strong nicotine release!

What's a nicotine pouch?

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a naturally occurring stimulant that is extracted from the tobacco plant in the production process of nicotine pouches. When nicotine is consumed most users experience a calming effect of well-being.

What are the benefits of nicotine pouches?

The main advantage of switching to nicotine pouches is that the same amount of nicotine as can be consumed in a harm reduced way instead of absorbing the substance via the lungs as with vaporizers and cigarettes. 


A nicotine pouch can also be used anywhere while not exposing your surroundings to harmful second-hand smoke. As they come in an all-white format - the risk of discolouring teeth is also removed.


As the products are free of tobacco - they don’t have the runny tobacco taste that many people find unpleasant. 


  • free of tobacco - white, discreet and doesn't stain your teeth!
  • a good substitute to cigarettes - use anywhere

What's the difference between Tobacco Free, White Tobacco, All White and Nicotine Free?

Tobacco-free - means the product contains nicotine but is free of tobacco.


White tobacco - products that have bleached tobacco leaves, contains both nicotine and tobacco. 


All white - a completely white product which is free of tobacco but contains nicotine


Nicotine free - most often also tobacco-free, made of plant fibers and sometimes tea to mimic tobacco taste for pouch tobacco replacement purposes.

What's a nicotine pouch?

What is the difference between pouch tobacco snus and nicotine pouches?

The tobacco pouch snus is made from tobacco wheras nicotine pouches are made from natural fibers, chew base fillers and nicotine which has been extracted from the tobacco leaves. 

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