The history of the Tobacco Pouch and Nicotine Pouches

The history of the tobacco-free nicotine pouch  


Looking back in history, the tobacco pouch has always been close to Swedish culture. The consumption skyrocketed when Swedish farmers invented a way of mixing tobacco leaves with salt and water in their coffee grinders. The result was a moist tobacco mixture with a unique taste that could be used while working in the fields. 


As the demand for tobacco pouches increased, factories were produced to increase production capabilities. Different brands and new flavour profiles started to see the light which accelerated the demand even further.


Swedish settlers move to the US


At the beginning of the 1800s, a large part of the Swedish population emigrated to the US to search for better opportunities. As the tobacco pouch snus was so popular at the time, the Swedes brought the product with them. This explains why snus is so culturally attached to Sweden as we were the first ones to consume it and export it overseas. 


The overnight success of the tobacco pouch snus was left out however as the Americans had already been accustomed to chewing tobacco.


The New and updated version of the tobacco pouch snus


As society was approaching the 21st century the side-effects of tobacco use in general was a talking point. Swedish Match saw a demand for nicotine consumption without side-effects. The risk of tobacco juice staining one’s teeth had been a breaking point for many. 


A breakthrough was made when the nicotine could be separated from the tobacco leaves in an advanced heating process. The result was the innovative new all-white segment - the white nicotine pouches which could be enjoyed without side-effects. 


Nicotine pouches have seen an enormous rise in popularity and are expected to see a worldwide increase as many smokers experience them to be a great substitute for cigarettes and vaporizers.